New Gallery

Hey everybody,

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting recently, but I am currently working on a gallery for my work. I hope it will be ready soon.


VectorVibe NBA Playoff Series: Orlando Magic

Hey everyone, I have decided to do a series of pieces on the 2011 NBA Playoffs. I will be doing some vectorfunk style typography work for some of my favorite teams. Sadly, I can’t sell them but I love how this Orlando Magic one turned out.

VectorVibe Magazine Cover

I did this for a computers class. This is not an actual magazine, but I think it still looks great. I am about to do some work for a client involving flyers and I think this is exactly the same type of work that he is interested in, so doing this project really helps. I mentioned a few of my favorite artists on this cover.

Amazing iPhone Wallpapers from

Hey everyone, I recently discovered, a website showcasing amazing and inspiring iPhone wallpapers available to download. It is very interesting, and I urge you to check it out.


Here is my first piece experimenting with shards. I got the idea from James White, who uses these elements in his work very frequently. I decided to see what it looked like and I am pleased with the results.

Creation Series Posters Now Available

Hey everyone,

My Creation Series posters are now available in the VectorVibe Store. Swing on over to buy one!

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